Room 108 Kids Stories

The Kids Stories Center

Lots of Stories for Kids. These Children's Online  Stories have Animation and Sound. Many stories have a quiz at the end and Resources to follow up  the story. Some Kid's Stories have a YouTube Video. Check out the Reading Resources at the bottom.
Watch a Video on Learning to Read     

Watch the Kids Video of this on YouTube                         Get FREE Poster to Tie Your Shoes


  • Read the nonfiction book about Vikings.

  • Read this nonfiction book about Vikings. Very interactive with great pictures and cool ways of researching information. Takes fast lines to look at the book as the file is large.

  • Play the Story Retell Game using framework anchors:

  • A great way to teach kids to retell a story using shapes which are moved over text in order to find characters, setting , problem, solution and story events. A fun interactive game to teach story retell.


  • Play the Story Recount Game :

  • A great way to teach kids to write a recount about an event. Kids read a story then put the sentences back in order in a game atmosphere.

  • Learn to Read the Question and Understand it!:

  • A great way to teach kids to read the question with understanding. This game teaches kids to restate the question in their answer, thereby showing they understand the question by reusing key words.


Try to discover words as you read and ask: "what would make sense?".


This is a poem that takes adults back to that wonderful time of youth, reminding them of their childhood perspective.