Better Answer Game
By John Rickey, All Rights Reserved 2010

One of the ways to help kids write well to written tests is to help them understand the question. A first step to understanding the question is to learn to restate the question, using key words from the question in the answer.

This Better Answer Game will ask a question. Student must drag words around to answer and restate the question. If the key words that are in the question are in the answer, then they will score a point. Score 5 points and you win. Score less and you must try again. You have 300 seconds to answer the 5 questions. Young kids who can't read can  try this question game as they can hear the words when they click on them and are given oral instructions. Students can try some of these warm up  sheets before playing the game. The easy sheets allow students to trace the key words in the question, to focus their attention on using these words in their answer:


Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3, Sheet 4(easy),Sheet 5(easy),Sheet 6(easy),Sheet 7(easy) Sheet 8 (very easy), Sheet 9 (very easy), Sheet 10(very easy), Sheet 11(very easy)

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