Kids Games

Lots of Kids Games with an Educational focus. Most of these Children's Games involve Thinking Games. Teachers in Elementary Education can use these games to improve Kids Thinking.

Try a 3D Maze where you roll an ball in 3D. Great way for kids to learn to problem solve and improve their memory .  *** Mobile Friendly***

Try changing the rocks till they are in the proper order. Let the computer give you hints. Be a champ and try to do it in ten turns. Great way for kids to learn deduction thinking and problem solving in this free online game. 

Try and play kids games with the Room 108 memory games!  Kids! Do you have a good memory?  Kids love to try these free memory games.

Play games of Tic Tac Toe against the computer!  Play games of regular Tic Tac Toe to Three dimensional Tic Tac Toe. There's all sorts of Tic Tac Toe kids games to choose from.


How about all sorts of games of Checkers! There's all sorts of checker games here for kids, even some Chess! Plus kids can play a real checker game against a computer.

Try these kids games of guiding a big mouth around flying words and narrow openings:  Help him find good words and avoid bad words. Lots of fun and action. You'll need great timing. Win a 30 page story in t his kids game if you get to level three. (Flash).

Try and play games of finding your way through Room 108's collection of maze programs! Kids, don't get lost!

Play Kids Bingo against the Chipmunks and learn how to play Bingo. Learn how to sound out letters at the same time. Lots of fun.

Try and play games of No Collapse!  Have fun blowing up bubbles in this fun and challenging kids game.  

(Java Required)

Guide penquins around a land of ice.  Help them avoid dangers. Kids love these great graphics!

Live the underground life of a mole! Lots of dangers and excitement for kids in these free games. Kids love these great graphics. 

Get rid of the gophers from your garden. You'll need quick hands in these free online games! A great way to teach kids to use a mouse.      

Move sliding numbers around till they are in order. Great way for kids to learn to count to 15 and problem solve. 

Try and play games of Room 108 Javanoid! This is a great game for kids to learn angles in Geometry!

Play with a Traffic Jam!  Learn to think creatively.  This game is for the brighter free thinking kids.

Play games of Connect-4 games against the computer!  A sort of Tic Tac Toe with four in a row. Try this collection of Connect Four type kids games.

Try Rubik's Cube!  Turn a 3D Rubik's Cube right on the computer in this free online game.

Play a game Mastermind!  This game is meant for the gifted kids. Kids you'll need to think in these free kids games!

Play games of Dominoes against the computer!   Play a real game of Dominoes in these kids games!

Build bridges against a computer!   Kids do you like building? Try to build a bridge faster than the computer in these free games. Lots of fun and thinking in this kids game!

Try kids games in this Game of Code Breaker!  See if you can figure out the proper order to toggle the switches so the lights all go on! Lots of kids fun

Play Battleship!  See if you can figure out where battleships and submarines are hidden in these free kids games. 

Try the African Stones Game for two players!  See if you can move stones around and win the game against another player.

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