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Lots of Free Math Games and Free Math Worksheets for Children. Elementary Teachers will find these Math Games useful in their Primary Math Lessons.              


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Adding and Subtracting Game's Centre  Lots of adding and subtracting math games here! Learn to add single digits, double digits, learn to carry, add three numbers at once, even do fractions! Kids love it.

Learn to Tell Time Center:  Everything you need to teach time. There are interactive math games, programs that mark children's work on time worksheets, even math programs that make time worksheets  just the way you want them!

Make a Graph worksheet for your class to work on: This worksheet generator will make hundreds of different worksheets. It does not use stored sheets. Great for primary graphing! 

The Missing Number Worksheet Generator:   Write in the missing numbers! This program will make worksheets where the student fills in missing numbers. You can set the amount of numbers that are missing and print out a worksheet for your students to fill in. This does not use stored sheets but will make millions of different worksheets. You can also set this program to make traceable numbers, so students can practice tracing their numbers also.

Math Worksheet Centre:   Make Free Math Worksheets. Telling Time, Money, Patterns, Grouping Tens, Adding, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division. Makes millions of different worksheets! You choose the number of digits or the operation.


Play The Base Ten Count Math Worksheets Game: Try a counting worksheet and let the computer mark your work and score you. See if you can get 9 points. It's like having the teacher there with you. You can even make corrections and the computer will tell you if you are right! 


Who Wants To Be A Mathionaire Game?   Based on the game "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire", this game drills you  on difficult math facts. It is for the brighter primary student. This game gets harder the longer you play.

Learn to Count   All sorts of free counting games and worksheet creators and resources to teach counting.  Great for Smart Boards.
Try The Room 108 Money Math Games: Can you break the piggy bank?  Or be a store keeper and make change. Even money worksheets where the computer marks your work. Teachers can make their own money worksheets too! These math games give practice in problem solving combinations of coins to total a given amount. A great way for teachers to have fun teaching in their classroom. Lots of fun for kids!

The Sudoku Game:   Try to put the numbers 1-9 in each row and each column and each cube in this Sudoku Game. Great for problem solving! Sudoku is a great way to fill in time and have fun!

Math Talking Word Walls:   Use a Math Word Wall that talks. Kids just have to click the words to hear them. Move the words around and put them in alphabetic order. Great for Smart Boards! Several Word Walls to choose.

Learn Your Odd And Even Numbers As You Paint By Number: You can even add your own effects to the picture! This page comes with a lesson to introduce even and odd numbers. Numbers vary from 1-1000. A fun way for teachers to teach with  these math games.  


Flash Card Multiplication Game Learn your multiplication tables with lots of action and sound effects!!! Whirling flash cards and lots of fun. Try to get twenty points. Even get a teacher to talk to you and give you tips on how to remember your multiplication tables. Even get a grade as you to how you are doing. A fun way to learn your multiplication tables.

Try the Math Drills Game: Be drilled on addition, subtraction or multiplication facts!   You can choose your number range to be drilled. Cool sound effects and the computer marks your answers. Great way to learn your math number facts.

Make Your Own Number Ordering Math Worksheets:  Give a students the first couple of numbers in a pattern and see if they can guess the next number. You can make your own math worksheets and customize them to the numbers you want. eg. Make math worksheets counting by 2's in the number range of 1-100.  This is a program, not stored math worksheets, so it will make millions of different math worksheets! 

Try Some Geometry Math Games:   Lots of geometry games  here!   Even try a game of pool and learn your angles or make a dinosaur!

Play the Memory Sound Games:    Can you remember the order that some birds sang in a song? Can you sing the song back? Play these fun and interactive kids math games and see if you can get a high score. This game gets harder the longer you play.

Learn To Spell The Number Words:   Play lots of different word math games. There is games of Wordweb, Matchword, Speedword, Wordsearch or jigsaw.  See how high a score you can get. You can learn to spell words 1-10 or 1-30 or even 1-100. Lots of kids fun here with these math games ! Teachers can use this game in their classroom. Kids love it!

Try Math Sequencing Games:   Lots of sequencing games here! Can you put the days of the week in order or the months of the year? Can you put numbers in order? Choose the number range and give it a try in these fun interactive kids games. Play a number puzzle game to put the numbers in order. Sequencing and pattern worksheets. Play a sound sequence game!!!

The Volume Game   Empty and fill jugs of water to make a certain volume of water. Great for problem solving for the brighter primary math student. You can set the level of difficulty.

Try Guessing the Secret Number Math Games:  Learn about more and less than. Try a game of Guess My Number! Good for math problems and math help.

Try Room 108 Tangram's Games:  Move geometrical pieces around to make a given shape  in this math game. This can offer some math help in geometry.

Try Adding and Subracting Fractions Math Games:  See fractions visually as you add and subtract pictures with these math games! 

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Connect the Dot to Dots and Make Some Great Pictures:    Practice counting by 1, 2, 5 and 10's in these kids math games. You can print a picture to colour when done. Great math worksheets for teachers.

Try the Room 108 Math Test   These math games give easy addition, subtraction, multiplication or division questions. It marks your work and talks to you about your answer! 

Try Room 108 Weather Machine  Game:  Choose the correct temperature and clothes to wear for different weather conditions. These math games are fun for kids in elementary or primary classrooms.

Try Room 108 Lemonade Stand:   Operate a Lemonade Stand and make business decisions. How much sugar should I buy? How many cups? Can you survive the business world? Teachers a must for your classroom.

Try Math Hangman: Try a game of Math Hangman. Learn to spell math words in this fun interactive game!

Try Some Multiplying:   This visually shows students the addition groups they are multiplying.

Try Making And Comparing Fractions:   See fractions visually by comparing and manipulating pictures! 

The Calculator Page:   Lots of games for the calculator. Practice using a calculator. Lots of different calculators to use with problem games for the calculator.. 

Try Room 108 Math Blaster Math Games:   Add, multiply, divide and subtract with sound effects in these math games! 

Learn To Count Math Games!   Some games here to help you learn to count!.  Some math games here offer math help by teaching you to count!.

Try Some Multiplying or Division.

Try Some Adding:

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