Addition and Subtraction Games

Lots of Free Addition and Subtraction Worksheets and Games here

Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

Minute Math Worksheet Generator:  Make your own Minute Math Addition or Subtraction Worksheets where the same digit is repeated. You can cusomize the difficulty of your addition or subtraction worksheet. It also does multiplication and division. Makes a new worksheet everytime.        SING ADDING DOUBLES MATH SONGS

Math Worksheet Generator:  Make your own Free Math Addition Worksheets. Teachers, this program will make the sheets with the numbers you want. Makes a new worksheet everytime.


Double Digit Math Addition : This program will make a free new double digit worksheet (with no carrying or regrouping)  each time you enter the page. Type in your answers and the computer will mark your work when you press the check work button.


Adding Ones or fives or tens or hundreds Worksheet Creator: Use this Free Worksheet Creator to give your students the right grouping to count. It makes a new worksheet every time.


Adding Songs: Use the idea of doubling to learn to add numbers.Comes with lively music and animation. Great use of Proportional Thinking.


Learn How to Carry: Practice carrying numbers as you add. This math game will come with audio that instructs you on your mistakes.


Timed Math Drills Practice carrying numbers How many questions can you do in 60 seconds. Choose the difficulty of the questions and have your work marked by a computer.


Add Them UP:  Practise adding three numbers at once in this fun interactive math game. Takes awhile to load on slow lines but well worth waiting!


Equal Math Sentence:  Practise adding single digits and visually see how to regroup the numbers.


Visual Double Digit Adding and Subtracting:  Practise adding and subtracting double digits and visually see how to regroup the numbers.



Addition Drills Game:  Practise adding and subtracting with math drills. Your choose the number range. The computer will mark your work with cool sound effects.

Learn How to Carry: Practice carrying numbers as you add. This games will come with audio that instructs you on your mistakes.


Single to Triple Digit Adding: Try some adding drills with audio comments to cue you on mistakes.


Visual Simple Fractions Adding and Subtracting: Try some adding and subtracting simple fractions with visual pictures to help you understand.


Addition Game: Try making 3 numbers add vertically and horizontally. Good problem solving.

Pick the card: Pick the right card that equals the  adding question. Questions cover addition of numbers 1 to 20.

Addition and Subtraction Game: This game will give you an addition or subtraction questions and mark your work, even talk to you. Uses the range of 1-20.

Doubles Adding Game: A great way to memorize addition facts is to do it with doubles such as 1 + 1, 2 + 2 etc. Turn the cards in this fun game to match the math sentence with the answer. eg 3 +3 matches 6 . Lots of cool animations!

Minute Math Game: Can you do these kids math worksheets in a minute? This program gives lots of math worksheets of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division math worksheets and marks all your work. A great tool for teachers. This program will mark work as either right or wrong but unfortunately it sometimes makes errors. Great for giving kids worksheets online to do with a specific number range.

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