Room 108 Alphabet Center

Lots of Alphabet Games here for kids to learn their Letters and Letter sounds. Children will find these Letter Games on the Alphabet fun and interactive.Using Letter Games is a great way to help kids learn their Alphabet Letters.

Play the Letter/Sound Alphabet Game: Press a key on your keyboard to match the first letter of the name of the animated picture . Comes with audio to help you sound out words. Score 20 points to win the games. Lots of fun and interaction.

Sing the Alphabet Song: Get your FREE Alphabet Worksheet for students to sing along as they hear theAlphabet Song and sound out their Alphabet Letters.


Alphabet Worksheet Generator: Teachers make worksheets to practice printing! Choose a number of letters to be missing in the alphabet!  Practice tracing the alphabet letters. This programs makes thousands of different worksheets. 

Sing the Alphabet Song: Have bouncing ball guide through the letters as you sing with fun animations.

Put the Letters in Alphabetic Order: Play a fun interactive game where you put the alphabet letters in order.

Try the Print Kit:  Make printing worksheets. Adjust the line size so it's just right for the student. Even make a worksheet for a student to practice writing their name with dotted tracing letters. Make a fun newsletter about a student so students can read and practice copying letters using dotted tracing fonts. Just type a name once and it's done. Kids love to read and write about themselves. Make your own sized lined paper! It's all here!!!

Match the Letters: Match the small case to large case alphabet letter in this fun interactive game.

Alphabetic Word Order: Put the words in alphabetic order. Score points and be challenged in this fun game.

Match the Picture/letter game: Match the picture to the letter. An older game that works best on older computers.

Alphabet Reversal Matching Game: Try to turn the cards and match the letters. This game is a great way to correct letter reversals. This game focuses on the reversed letters and numbers that children tend to repeat. Lots of fun and interaction!

Alphabet Lower and Upper Case Matching Game: Try to turn the cards and match a Lower Case letter with an Upper Case letter in this fun interactive game. There are three levels which cover all of the alphabet.

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