Kids Music is a Kids Music Site. There are lots Music for Kids. Children will love the Songs and Games with a focus on Chldren's Music Games and Kids Songs.

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Piano Music

  • Visit the Piano Page with Free Piano Music Lessons, Learn to Play Blues, Learn to Improvise, Learn to Play Jazz, Play along Piano Music Sheets, Piano Note Naming Worksheets, Note Flashcards, Kids Music Bingo, Ear Training. A great resource for Piano Teachers and Piano Players!

Spelling Songs

  • Visit SpellSing to sing 17 FREE Animated Spelling Songs. Kids will love to Spell and Sing these Songs for Kids as they learn to Spell and Sing common Sight Words. These Children's Songs have highly interactive animations to sing with and Cool Music too! Great for Smartboard Lessons. Try also the ABC Song to learn your Letters and Letter Sounds with a Free Letter Sounds worksheet to follow along with the song.

Kids Songs


  • Try singing our Kids Dinosaur Song. Where a kid wants to be a Dinosaur: "I Want to be a Dinosaur"

  • Try singing our Scary Kids Dinosaur Song with a Brontosaurus, T-rex and Stegosaurus: "There is a"

  • Sing a Funny Children's Song about Creepy Crawlies in my Underwear with this fun, animated Song: Creepy Crawlies

  • Sing a Children's Song about Tarantulas and Spiders with Animations. A kids wants to hug a Tarantula : The Spider Song

  • Try singing  Kids ABC Songs. Sing the Kareoke version where you can have letters and words highlighted as you sing. Lots of kids alphabet songs here.Great way to teach kids the alphabet: ABC Song with Letters and Letter Sounds  and "The Alphabet Song with just Letters"

  • Try singing and rhyming in the kids song: "Mickey Michaela McGoo"

  • Try singing Adding Songs and learn how to Add: Adding Songs
  • Try singing about waking up with the Sun coming up and Its a New Day.: "Sunshine in the Morning"

  • Try a Christian Praise Song taken from the Psalms: "Blessed are All"

  • Try singing Animated Christmas Music "Silent Night"  where words are highlighted as you sing Karaoke Style.

  • Try a Christian Song about Listening to the Gentle Whisper of God talking to Elijah : "Listen to the Gentle Whisper"

  • Be reminded of your youth in the song/poem: "In Memory of Youth"

  • Piano Sheet Music

  • Cool arrangements for the  piano in lovely modern stylings.  These unique arrangements are only available here. You can hear the piano arrangement as well as get the Piano Sheet Music. You can learn to play the music by listening.    Piano Sheet Music!

  • Dancing Studio

  • Make your Monkey dance at the right time and win the game. Can you hear the rhythm? Takes 20 seconds to load on slow modems:  Monkey Dancer Game!

  • Make a character dance as you Record and Playback the moves. A great way to learn to Feel the Beat and Rhythm of the Music in this Music Game for Kids: Dancing Game

  • Recording Studio

  • Operate a recording studio. Turn up a drum. Add a new bass track or change a special  effect. Make your own song. Takes 5-10 seconds to load on slow modems:  Recording Studio Mixer

  • Operate a recording studio. Add sound effects to different music. Make your own song. Takes 15-20 seconds to load on slow modems:  Sound Effect Mixer

  • Operate an actual mixing board. Change the left and right and volume. Turn up the bass etc. Don't forget to press a green button and turn up the volume! Takes 5-10 seconds to load on slow modems:  Real Sound Board Mixer

  • A simple mixing board for beginners  where you control four birds singing. This controls the pitch of each bird with a slider: 108 Pitch Mixer

  • Learn the Sound of Instruments

  • Learn the sounds of Musical Instruments. What does a flute sound like or a piccolo? Try a game of Musical Instrument Bingo!    Play the Games

  • Note Play Back, Ear Training Games

  • Lots of Ear Training Games here! Try to play a melody back on a piano or play back a song that birds sing. Try to remember a note. How good is your memory? Lots of ear training here!   Play the Games!

    Music Note Naming Games

  • Learn the names of music notes with some fun interactive games. Play with interactive flash cards or even make your own note naming worksheets!  A great place for piano playing students or any music student to learn their note names.  Take me to the note naming games!

  • Play Along Songs

  • Like to play the drums. Turn your computer keyboards into a drum set and play along with music:   Drum Play Along

  • Get a piano lesson (intermediate players). You can adjust the speed of the background music as you read the piano music.:   Piano Play Along

  • Get a flute lesson. Become part of a band. You can adjust the speed of the background music as you read the flute music. :   Flute Play Along  

  • Don't have an instrument. Turn your computer keyboards into an instrument of sounds and play along with music:   Organ Play Along

    Learn to Play the Drums

  • Like to turn your computer into a playing drum set with a lesson?  Visit  Drum Program.

  • Play this game that challenges you  in playing to a beat and lots of other options  :  Visit the Drum Game

  • Kareoke Songs with Video

  • Sing along with Music and Videos on Kareoke Songs.

  • Childrens Songs Adventure Land

  • Explore musical sounds by listening to many different styles of music. Hundreds of Kids Songs! Visit  Adventure Land!


  • Media Sound Stories

  • Write your own media story with sound effects: Media Sound Stories

  • Visit the Room 108 sound studio. Control crazy sounds as you read a story: Help! Meow, Meow!

    (Java Required)

  • Compose Some Music

  • Compose some of your own music. Do it right on the internet with Room 108 Composer.

    Guitar Chord Program

  • Need a guitar chord?  Visit the room 108 chord chart program.

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