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Lots of Free Teaching Resources for Primary Teachers. These teacher resources have Free Lessons to programs for the Primary Teacher. Everything an Elementary Teacher needs to teach great lessons to children.

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Every Math Worksheet Maker: This Free Worksheet Maker makes every type of Math Worksheet you'll need. It makes Time, Money, Addition, Subtraction, Graphing, Counting, Patterning etc. It will make a new worksheet every time!

Make a Free Print Your Name Worksheet: Make a Name Printing Worksheet with dotted letters or directional arrows to help kids print their name. Just click Try it and you can use it for FREE.

Graphing Work Sheet Generator: Makes millions of graphing worksheets. Choose topics and different types of graphs. Great for primary grades.

Missing Number Worksheet: Let your students practice writing their numbers. Choose a range of numbers and you choose how many missing numbers there are on the worksheet.

Phonemic Processing Games: Play thes FREE Phonemic Processing Games where students will learn to hear and spell the inside of words with phonics.A great to help with reading as well.

Calendar Worksheet: Let your students practice tracing the days and numbers for this Calendar Month. Makes a Free Calendar Tracing Worksheet.

FREE 10 Interactive Dolch Word Books: Let  your students read an interactive Dolch Word book with cool animations where they can click to hear the word they are reading. Comes with Self Testing Progress.

Animated Math Word Walls: Use this FREE animated Word Wall where students can have the words explained with animations and sound.

Thematic Lined Paper: Get FREE Different Sized Lined Paper based on a Theme. It's Thematic Printing Paper. Great for writing!

Spelling Songs : Get 17 Free Animated Spelling Songs to teach the Spelling of Common Words in your class. The Songs have Cool Animations and Great Music. Works great on Smart Boards.

Double Digit Math Addition Worksheet Generator: This program will make a new double digit worksheet (with no carrying or regrouping) each time you enter the page. Type in your answers and the computer will mark your work when you press the check work button. Great for primary grades.

Counting Hundreds/ Tens/Fives/Ones Block Work Sheet Generator: Makes millions of different counting Blocks Worksheets just the way you choose. Choose the groupings  and arrangement. Great to meet individual needs.

Teacher Send Home Letter Generator: Write a letter home in seconds. Just type the student's name. Letters on all sorts of topics useful for the Primary Teacher.

Two  Dimensional Geometry Worksheets and Game: Move shapes around to make a Dinosaur or a Cobra, then give your class 8 free worksheets to cut and paste the shapes into the form of a dinosaur or a Cobra. Comes with question worksheets as well.

Learning Contracts Creator: Make personalized learning contracts with students names. Great for Differentiated Instruction at centers.

3D Graphic Organizers: Unique free 3-D Graphic Organizers to help kids write in different types of writing forms. Comes with worksheets, games and Shared Reading.

Multiplication Flashcard Game: Play this animated with sound effects Multiplication Flashcard Game. Will mark your work and even explain ways to remember your Multiplication Tables.

All About Me Booklet Worksheet Maker: Just type in the information and make an All About me Booklet about your student. Or get Blank Worksheets to make a Booklet.

All About My School Booklet Worksheet Maker: Just type in the information and make an All About My School Booklet about your School. Or get Blank Worksheets to make a Booklet.

Free Printable Bingo Cards: Print off FREE Bingo Cards with Vowel Blends or Consonants Blends with this fun Bingo Game. A fun way for kids to learn Phonics.

Letter Reversal Worksheet Creator:  Make a worksheet where students circle a letter they reverse.  You pick the letters and new worksheet is made each time.

Dolch Word Game Programs: 16 free Dolch Word Games that all your students can play from class computer labs as they are online.


Send Home Parent Letter Creator: Just type the Student's Name once and create a complete Home Letter in seconds. This FREE program covers  all the common type of letters Primary Teachers send home.

Smart Board Lessons: Lots of free interactive Smartboard lessons that are highly interactive for primary kids.

First Day Writing A Sentence: Learn to write your first sentence. Students/Teacher can drag words over numbers to make a sentence. This online game will talk to the student and help them. Great for teachers teaching their first writing lesson in Kindergarten or Grade One using a smart board or computer projector.

Talking Word Wall:  A word wall where kids can click the words to hear them pronounced.11 Dolch Word Lists, Plus Recount, Journal, Math Word Walls, Great for Smart Boards! Use it for FREE.

Money Work Sheet Generator: Make your own Counting Money Worksheets to help kids count money. Makes a new Counting Money Worksheet each time just the way you want. US and Canadian Money or even numbered Money.

Printing Lessons: Animated Printing Lessons where sound as well as animation helps kids learn to print. A great tool for differentiated learning.

Descriptive Writing Lessons: Teach kids how to write using descriptive language to describe Aliens. Lots of fun! Comes with 20 Free Worksheets and lessons.

Descriptive Writing 3D Pop Outs: Make a 3D Pop Out on People in our Community and then use Descriptive Writing. Then use Talking Bubbles to develop Voice in writing.

ABC Tracing Worksheets: Make alphabet letters for kids to trace. This program allows you to leave out alphabet letters and see if students can write in the missing alphabet letter. 

Making Writing Connections Worksheets: Teach kids how to make connections from their experiences with Persuasive Writing. All Free Connections Worksheets.

Writing Pattern Sentences: Use this interactive lesson with kids as you move words around to make a pattern sentence book with your class. Great for Smartboards.

Math Work Sheet Generator: Makes millions of work sheets with the numbers you choose!

Word Search Generator: Make your own Wordsearch sheet for your class with the words you choose! Change the size and number of words, shape etc. 

Telling Time Worksheet Generator: Makes a new Telling Time Worksheets with the Telling times you choose each time! Make Telling Time Worksheets with words or numbers or even tracing words Worksheets.Also use a FREE online Program that marks students work on Telling Time.

Music Note Naming Sheet Generator: Makes millions of note naming worksheets with the range of music notes you choose!

Story Elements Game and Worksheets: Use shapes that you drag over text to help children retell stories. Learn the parts of a story : Problem, characters, setting etc. Play this fun interactive game with shapes. Comes with free printable stories and worksheets.

Make your own NonFiction Books: All the Graphic Organizers and Resources you need for your Primary Class to make their own Nonfiction Books.

Editing Worksheets: Print off worksheets for primary kids in groups or individuals to edit and learn to make revisions.

Alphabet Worksheets: Make Alphabet Worksheets , Name Worksheets even class newsletters with kids names in it. Use different sized line spacing. Just click Try It! Its Free, Then you can use it for free.

Punctuation Worksheets
Get free Punctuation Worksheets to teach kids how to use periods and capitals at the beginning of sentences. These Punctuation worksheets come differentiated at two different levels.

Learn to Write a Letter Game with Worksheets: Read letters in Shared Reading, then move the elements of the letter around in this interactive game.  Comes with free printable letters and worksheets where you cut out parts of a letter and put it together in order again.

Word Sequencing Worksheets: Teach beginning writers to read, cut out the words in a sentence then sequence the words back into a sentence. Comes with Sequencing Game  too.

Learn to do Journal Writing: Read journals in Shared Reading, then move the sentences of the journal around in this interactive game where your work is marked online. Comes with free printable  worksheets where you cut out parts of a journal and put it together in order again.

Learn Persuasive Writing: Learn to provide good reasons for your opinion in this free interactive game that comes with worksheets.

Learn to Write a Better Answer:  A game where kids learn to understand the question, so the can write better answers. Great for improvement in test results.

Learn to Tie Your Shoes Kit:  Get this FREE Learn to Tie Your Shoes Kit with Songs, Videos, Chart Stories and Poems.

Pattern Work Sheets Generator: Makes millions of Free Pattern Work Sheets with the numbers you choose. Student is given three numbers and must write the next three  numbers!

Online Minute Math Programs: Let your students all do free online minute math work sheets. This program will mark their work as right or wrong but unfortunately there is some errors in marking sometimes. 

Poetry Programs Get all sorts of free programs to help kids learn to write different types of poetry. Use the Acrostic Poem Creator or the Shape Poem Creator, even use music and songs to help kids rhyme!

Visual Timers for ADD: Do have students that can't focus? Use these FREE Visual Countdown Timers with no numbers but only pictures and sounds that works online. Great for ADD.

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