Sound Stories

Write a story and at the end of sentences put keyboard letters to press. When you read it back you will get sound effects!  Your keyboard will be turned into a sound synthesizer at the click of a button when you pick a story theme below. Each story comes with a complete set of sounds. Great for the new focus on media literacy! Also a great way to teach kids to connect ideas in writing. Just give them the group of sounds and see if they can connect the sounds by writing connecting sentences. See an example story!
If you don't hear sounds after pressing start and your keyboard letters, refresh your page and just wait for the sounds to load. For younger children use inferencing, where they write about a sound and tell why it happened eg. The lion roared because... 



Animal Stories

Spooky Stories


Hero Stories



House Stories
Camping Stories

Story Film Sequencing Organizer (Two films)

Story Film Sequencing Organizer (One large film)

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