The African Stone Game (sometimes called Awari or Mancala) is a two-player game in which each player tries to capture more stones than the other before all the pits on either side of the board are emptied.

The game begins with 4 stones in each pit. During a turn, a player may select one pit that has stones in it on his side of the board from which to move. The stones are removed from the pit and one stone is placed in each pit (including the player's own scoring pit) moving counter clockwise until each stone is used. A player may not place a stone into the opponent's scoring pit.

If the last stone of a move is placed in an empty pit on the moving player's side of the board and their are stones in the pit on the opposite side of the board, the moving player captures both his own stone and the stones in the opposite pit and places them into his scoring pit.

When there are no stones remaining in the pits on one side of the board, the game is over and the player on the other side of the board is awarded all the remaining stones.


The game starts with four stones in each pit. Pay close attention because stones may land on top of each other and some stones may not necessarily be visible. A reminder box attached to each pit shows where the last move was made. The box where the last move began is marked with green, subsequent pits in which stones were placed are marked in blue and the last pit where a stone was placed is marked in red. If the move went all the way around the board, some boxes could be marked with more than one color.

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