23 Useful Resources

Everything you need! 11 Fonts, 10 Dolch Books, Print Kit,Worksheet Makers, plus more ...

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Four Box Fonts

Shaped Letters  Boxed Tracing Fonts, Solid, Word Boxes, Word Boxes, Paper Maker,Letters shaped with Boxes

$9.99(70% off)

Dolch Reading Books

Ten Dolch Books Interactive, Animated, Click to hear words.

$ 9.99 (50% 0ff)

Primary Tracing Fonts

5 Printing Fonts Dotted Tracing Fonts, Directional Arrows

$ 9.99 (70% off)

Brain Gym

Left/Right Dominance  Interactive game to help left/right dominance

$ 5.99 (70% off)

Print Kit

Everything For Printing Name Sheets, Change Tracing Size, Alphabet

$ 7.99 (60% off)

Money Worksheets

USA or Canadian Customize the worksheet. Choose coins, bills or numbered money. Game included.

$ 9.99 ($19.99)

Letter Reversals 

Reversals Make customized worksheets to help students with Letter Reversals.

$ 9.99 (60% off)

Word Walls

Boxed Letters 220 Dolch words in large boxed fonts so kids can see the shape of words.

$ 7.99 (new)

14 Talking Word Walls

Rotate Word Walls Kids just touch words to hear.Smartboard ready! Dolch Words, Math

$ 9.99 (new)